Vaccine Debacle Completely Avoidable – 25 cent Antidote for COVID Bio-Weapon

Opinion by Owen R Fonorow (Vitamin C Foundation)

Applying a protocol of hydrogen peroxide (HP) nebulizations [the repeated inhalations of a fine HP mist] after an exposure to COVID or after the initial symptoms of COVID are noted offers a prompt and definitive cure in nearly everyone. — Thomas E. Levy, MD. JD


Rapid Virus Recovery

The inhalation of HP by nebulization has been shown to be extremely effective for the rapid elimination of any pathogen presence in the sinuses, nose, throat, and deep into the lungs.

Short video overview of the material in the E-Book

It cannot be overemphasized enough that hydrogen peroxide nebulization should be the primary and initial COVID intervention. It has no negative impact on any other intervention.


GAME OVER?    Any person knowing the facts who takes the vaccine anyway is irrational.

For those paying attention, and apparently that includes most Republicans and fewer Democrats, you are aware that competent authorities are warning that the mass inoculation of the COVID-19 experimental biological agents, particularly the mRNA versions, are setting up the human race for a MASS DEATH EVENT in the very near future.

Merck pharmaceuticals was ethical to stop research into a COVID vaccine, correctly stating that it is better to build immunity by getting the illness.  Even better, kill the virus before your immune system becomes necessary with hydrogen peroxide.



If you cannot believe that a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide could completely control a world-wide pandemic, consider the risk of taking a vaccine that has never made it through animal studies.


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With the antidote to COVID, any rational for administering an untested vaccine is obliterated.

Thanks to Dr. Thomas E Levy, MD., JD, readers now know the antidote for  COVID-19, or any respiratory virus, including the common cold or the flu.  Any person can eradicate any viral infection in 15 minutes for less than a penny.

By the way, you don’t have a nebulizer to kill a virus, i.e. you can snort (or spray) 3% hydrogen peroxide directly up the nose.

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