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Forbidden Health: Incurable Was Yesterday (translated from Spanish) Edition2a
Andreas Ludwig Kalcker
Publisher: Voedia (c) 2018
436 pages

Review by Owen R Fonorow
Founder,Vitamin C Foundation

Dr. Kalcker has a remarkably open mind and he is the leading researcher today in chlorine dioxide (CDS). His lectures and books clearly explain his theory of how and why a few drops of a “water purifier”can effectively target pathogens in the human body, e.g. viruses. bacteria and parasites, even biofilm, without toxicity to the trillions of healthy cells or intestinal flora.

This targeted oxidation miracle is similar to the “Flash Oxidation”first reported by vitamin C pioneer Fredrick Klenner, MD in his 1971 paper Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range Of A Vitamin In Human Pathology:

Frederick Klenner wrote:

“Ascorbic acid has many important functions. It is a powerful oxidizer and when given in massive amounts; that is, 50 grams to 150 grams,intravenously, for certain pathological conditions, and “run in”as fast as 20 Gauge needle will allow, it acts as a “Flash Oxidizer,”[4] often correcting the pathology within minutes. “

In fact, the effects of a few drops of CDS and massive-dose vitamin C are so similar that it peaked the interest of the Vitamin C Foundation. Yes, 50 to 150 grams of intravenous vitamin C has wonderful effects for all cells, but there is no dismissing the same anti-pathogen “flash oxidation” effect with a few drops of MMS/CDS; a solution that is well within the reach of the entire human population – a fact which probably explains the forces behind the Amazon ban.

On Pages 380 and 381 of Dr. Kalcker’s Forbidden Health, in his discussion of a drug Dioxychlor (aka sodium chlorite) clinical study, focuses on the fact that the protocol that destroyed viruses in the lab included a 15 g intravenous vitamin C drip.

In 1986, Stanford University Microbiology lab performed a series of tests that showed the effectiveness of Dioxychlor (sodium chlorite) in the neutralization of different viruses. The concentration utilized in all these trials was 0.75 ppm. Viruses include Herpes II,HTLV III (HIV) Cytomegalovirus, and also the Pseudomonas bacteria.The electron microscope show complete eradication of viruses and Pseudomonas after treatment.

Kalcker writes:

Apparently,no one realized that in this trial vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) was the acid that activated the sodium chlorite turning the sodium chloriteat 2.5% = Dioxychlor into chlorine dioxide (CDS)

This book is now available in English from the Vitamin C Foundation. Proceeds benefit the foundation. The book can be ordered at Price may vary depending on demand and supply.

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