Are the Medical Medium Books Infallible?

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Anthony William, the Medical Medium, is a young man without a traditional college education who has authored the following monumental works on health and chronic illness:

Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Revised and Expanded Edition) ,
Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables,
Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr,
Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease,
Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide, and
Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys

Two new brain healing books in the series have been announced and are scheduled to be released by the end of 2022.

Medical Medium Brain Saver: Answers to Brain Inflammation, Mental Health, OCD, Brain Fog, Neurological Symptoms, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Heavy Metals, Epstein-Barr, Seizures
Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes: For Neurological, Autoimmune & Mental Health

Is the Medical Medium material fact, or Pulitzer-prize worthy science fiction? Anthony William says the information is unimpeachable and will never be overturned. Does this mean that an ancient science has bestowed us with infallible medical information, as they explain through a medium, to make up for instances where our science has gone terribly wrong? If not, where does this wealth of medical information come from, and how do we mortals evaluate it?

If its not true, a single inconsistency nullifies the assertion of infallibility.

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, claims the knowledge in these books is divine in origin and he claims that he has been trained since the age of four to deliver it. It’s very difficult to take the Medical Medium material seriously if one comes at the problem from the perspective of an uneducated man with a divine “spirit” whispering in his ear.

For the sake of argument, let’s assumes the information is infallible. A single contradiction, or “black swan,” proves the material is false. This author has read the material twice. I have not found the error the would disprove the premise that the material is infallible. Not a single contradiction or even a grammatical error in the first five books. I am interested in what other readers find, especially medical professionals.

The Medical Medium series is clearly written and easy to understand, but at the same, difficult to read; especially the first time and especially the more (you think) you know. The reader’s mind constantly questions the seemingly-outlandish material. Page after page sends the subconscious mind on countless background forays… “That can’t be right…

There are no scientific references. The book writer’s propensity to point out what is currently unknown is disconcerting too. There are many instances where the writer claims “medical science and research won’t discover this for X years,” (e.g., for the human understanding of digestion, X is 100 years.) It has not escaped my attention that claiming something is unknown appears easy, but not tripping up implies the writer must have a comprehensive knowledge about what is known.

The mountain of “fantastic” information is logical and internally consistent. Amazed by the material after the first reading, we even offered employees $1000 for uncovering a single mistake. No takers. (I may have found one error on the second reading that could be a publishing issue. This is probably one reason the divine or ancient science inserted a human being between them – and us.)

The closest thing to a “black swan,” at least settled science on the surface, is the new information that the brain is mostly carbohydrate. Not made mostly of lipids!

Liver Rescue, P. 254 wrote:If you’re a kid suffering from any type of gut or cognitive issue, fruit will be taken away based on the false theory that the brain is made out of fat. The truth is that it’s made out of glycogen (carbohydrate storage of glucose) solidified into highly active, electrically sustainable soft tissue, with small traces of omega-3s in and around it. The majority of the brain is carbohydrate.

There is so much surprising new information that we began collecting claims of undiscovered science here:

For example, the source says that Lyme disease symptoms are caused by a virus, usually Epstein-Barr (EBV), and not the benign bacteria that have been wrongly blamed. If true, giving antibiotics to Lyme patients would be counterproductive.

Candida is not only benign, but extremely beneficial for digestion. The fungus can be found in larger numbers where food isn’t being digested properly. It helps mop up undigested fats and proteins.

Celery juice contains methylated vitamin C.

There is no such thing as autoimmune disease where our immune system attacks our own cells. (The inflammation is caused by immune system fighting viruses.)

Highly alkaline water is detrimental to health. Etc.



If the Medical Medium material is infallible, where does it come from? The U.S Government has recently confirmed what most people already know, that a nonhuman presence exists with us on Earth. My personal belief is that extraterrestrial life, and thus an advanced science, has been on Earth for many thousands of years. According to the late Zecharia Sitchin in his books THE EARTH CHRONICLES (written after Sitchin himself spent 30 years translating ancient Sumerian cuneiform) those in whose image we were made first arrived on Earth more than 300,000 years ago.

A compelling case can be made that the Medical Medium information is not from what most people think; i.e., the truly divine, rather, it comes from an ancient alien science that chose to couch their message in such a way that would not elicit fear. A loving God and compassionate spirit, rather than a superior race, hundreds of thousands of years our superior.

As pointed out, analyzing the material from the “black swan” perspective, a single error invalidates the premise of infallibility. But even if all the outlandish claims are untrue, i.e., the brain is lipid, not mostly carbohydrate, Anthony William (and or his ear whisperer) has proven that a brilliant mind knows more about all aspects of medical science than any medical doctor — and keeps everything straight. Perhaps it is simpler to assume the information is true?




For years, Anthony William was a medium who would read “clients,’ diagnose their medical condition, and suggest a healing protocol. William developed a substantial following, including doctors and nurses who would send him their toughest cases. By the time the first MEDICAL MEDIUM book was published, William claimed to have more than one million potential clients on his waiting list. (Books, by the way, about viral infection, that never mention vaccines.)

I now believe the Medical Medium message, almost in its entirety. I have moved on from questioning everything, to trying to understand, assimilate and remember all the information. I became a rock-solid believer after reading what would seem “outlandish” to most medical school professors. Brand new information that only I and few others knew about. Research at the Vitamin C Foundation discovered that vitamin C, as ascorbic acid, can enter the blood stream in large quantities in as little as 3 minutes. I have argued with medical school professors how to explain the 3-minute finding, i.e., whether vitamin C can pass through the stomach lining. Unless Anthony William (or the Artificial Intelligence behind the writing) had monitored our forum, or read our study, how could he know and why would he tell us that fructose has precisely the same property, i.e., that this simple sugar enters the blood stream in 3 minutes?! It was startling to read.

By the way, the Medical Medium explains that because fructose enters the blood stream so quickly, there is no worry about this sugar feeding flora further down the gut.

I have since found other examples of recent human science that appeared after the books were published confirming several “fantastic” claims made in the book. The Vitamin C Foundation’s forum dedicated to the Medical Medium contains examples of these recent confirming studies.

Wherever this medical information comes from, the books do not answer every medical question. We learn that the thyroid gland does not regulate metabolism, but rather maintains homeostasis or equilibrium throughout the body. However, we are not told the exact function of the various thyroid hormones. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Heart disease and cancers are not addressed directly. However, after the second reading, one comes to understand that if most human beings followed the fruit and vegetable dietary and nutritional advice, there would be little heart disease and almost no cancers. Healing advice that has reportedly worked for William’s clients, and that can be followed easily by millions.




Liver Rescue,. P. 256 wrote:One reason why alternative medicine was shunned and discredited for so long was because it offered ways to slow down illness and disease that the conventional medical industry benefited from financially.

What follows is my interpretation of this material. The major themes in these books are said to correct serious mistakes made by our so-called “modern” (50-100 year-old) medical science. The Medical Medium source explains that these mistakes were caused when science veered off course, and today, without funding, there is little chance of correcting the mistake, leading to the harm of thousands or millions.

These common themes include the good: Glucose especially in fruits, and the bad: Viruses, toxins, the hormone adrenaline, and fats, and the ugly: Lack of funding for important medical matters, the falsifying of medical science due to the greed of the medical establishment.

A basic and consistent theme is that glucose, far from being a poison or empty calorie, is absolutely essential for life. Shunning glucose is like shunning oxygen or water or sodium. Glucose is vital for every cell, especially the brain, liver – and heart. Glucose (by inducing the pancreas to create insulin) drives nutrients from the blood into cells. The best source of glucose is said to come from fruits, which have glucose chemically bonded with other nutrients. Fruits, I now believe (based upon logic and clues in these works), that were genetically engineered for we humans with amazing health-promoting properties.

Anthony William wrote:The fundamental fuel for your body is glucose, a simple sugar that provides all your cells with the energy they need to function, heal, grow, and thrive.

Glucose keeps us going — and keeps us alive. The central nervous system runs on it, as does every organ in the body, including the heart. Glucose is what we use to build and sustain muscle, and it performs vital functions such as repairing damaged tissue and cells

When you eat food, your body breaks it down into glucose and places it in your bloodstream so it can travel to all your cells. However, your cells can’t access the glucose directly. They need some help from your pancreas, which is a large endocrine gland located behind your stomach.

Your pancreas is constantly monitoring your bloodstream. When it detects a rise in glucose levels, it responds by producing a hormone called insulin. Insulin attaches to your cells and signals them to open up and absorb the glucose from your blood. Insulin therefore both allows your cells to get the energy they need and ensures your blood glucose levels remain stable.

If the Medical Medium information is correct, we humans have been led astray on many medical fronts. Carbohydrates are the most important component of the human diet, while human gurus tell us that the sugars they contain are harmful. Our supposed experts who promote high protein and thus high fat diets have told us that carbohydrates are unnecessary because we can exist without eating them. This may be true, we can exist, but not well, and not without our bodies producing glucose via backup processes.

Apparently we don’t require all that much glucose to remain in good health. Anthony explains that to obtain a hundred pounds of sugars in our diet from fruit, we’d have to eat 1,000 pounds of fruit.

Another theme that runs through all the books is that a diet low in fat promotes better health because of the great benefits to the liver. Radical fats, not sugar, we are told, are the unknown cause of Type II diabetes.

Anthony William wrote:Trying to get life-sustaining glucose into organs, muscles and the nervous system while meeting resistance from excess fat is the true, unknown meaning of the term insulin resistance.

Many “low-carb” diets avoid fruit, and they may provide 50% or more of the calories as fat. Apparently the low-fat gurus, e.g., Dean Ornish (and Nathan Pritikin), were on the right track! Eating more than 15% of calories as fat puts an excessive load on the liver. The more fat we eat, the more likely it is that a liver will slowly lose its ability to produce bile, a major liver function that helps us digest fats.

If fat isn’t the root of all evil, then the hormone adrenaline (from stress) is.

Protein is also severely demoted of importance in the human diet.

Liver Rescue, p.251 wrote:Here’s the catch with protein. If you were to take out fat from protein sources, people on high-protein, no-carb diets would literally starve to death




The strongest consistent message is that most chronic or mystery illness is caused by viruses. Some problems do arise from trouble making bacteria, especially strep. Although usually antibiotics are not recommended.

It is revealed that these viruses, even strep, used to be beneficial to humans, before they were altered in human laboratories early in the 20th century.

Not only are the various types, strains and stages of viruses described, many as yet undiscovered, the symptom each type and strain causes are fully described.

The Medical Medium does not tell us, although it is strongly implied, that most of these viruses, especially the more harmful variants, (e.g., there are 60 EBV variants) originated during vaccine research and/or bio-warfare programs. It is not said, but implied that these harmful variants have been spread via vaccines. (This implied Medical Medium message appears to support Judy Mikovitz’s who has told anyone who will listen that vaccines are propagating retroviruses, causing massive unexplained illness. Judy in her books on corruption in government, speculates that the COVID hoax may have been aimed at obscuring this potentially huge liability.)

The Medical Medium informs us that unknown to medical science is the fact that viruses do eat – they grow and multiply by feeding on various toxins. Conversely, fruits and certain herbs can kill viruses, apparently because the trouble making viruses are “poisoned” by strong antioxidants in fruits and herbs. The description reminds us of Thomas Levy’s theory of why vitamin C is the Primal Panacea. William writes that various ultra-strong antioxidants in many foods are yet undiscovered by medical science.

We also learn that viruses remain dormant in tissue when there is no “food” (toxins) available, and even when toxic food is made available, a flare-up requires a trigger that weakens the immune system.




The Medical Medium series is replete with “antiviral” protocols, including the detailed functions of specific fruits, starting with the apple. (I can’t help thinking that perhaps we have been given the user’s guide for the genetic engineering in these Medical Medium books, especially LIFE CHANGING FOODS.) It is also fascinating that a book devoted to viruses was first published a few years ahead of the COVID pandemic/hoax.

Liver Rescue, p; 239 wrote: An apple is expected in the stomach. It was one of the very first foods bestowed upon humankind for us to consume.

Apples in themselves are miracles. They’re amazing for digestion. They collect and rid bacteria, parasites, viruses and mold from the entire gut. They create a stable alkaline environment wherever needed. They also help heal diverticulitis and reduce inflammation in the stomach and intestinal tract. Apples are incredibly cleansing and healing for the gallbladder and liver. Not only do they detoxify, carefully extracting sediment from these organs, they also help dissolve gallstones. Mind you, these are apples were talking about, not apple cider vinegar.

. . . Before an apple was turned into vinegar, it was neutral to alkaline. When you eat an apple, it can drive the stomach and intestinal to a higher level of alkalinity without disturbing the stomach’s neutralization zone; that is, its balancing of everything that enters it before it move on to the duodenum and the rest of the intestinal tract. (Your stomach can be alkaline and still have a very strong blend of hydrochloric acid, your stomach is not just one environment.)

There may be another potential “black swan” contradiction. We are told that the liver cannot accept nutrients to feed itself, unless these nutrients are bound to glucose or fructose, as in fruits and other carbohydrates. This seems to clash with the idea that the liver separates everything passing through it in the blood into the good and bad. There are separate storage areas for nutrients and toxins and when the body needs a nutrient, the liver either methylates the nutrient from storage (making it smaller) or “bubble wraps” the nutrient in what sounds like making liposomes.

But, if nutrients that are not bound to glucose “pass through” the liver, how are they utilized?

Apparently supplements do work and are important as evidenced by the Medical Medium’s long list of approved supplements:

The following advice may resolve this apparent contradiction:

Liver Rescue. Pg. 299 wrote:
One powerful undiscovered tip is to consider taking your supplements with a piece of fruit such as a banana or even some potato, sweet potato, winter squash, raw honey, maple syrup or coconut water. As you read earlier the book, sugar is what carries vitamins, minerals and nutrients through the bloodstream to help them find their way to where they need to go, and an organ won’t accept vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients without sugar to assist it. Taking your supplements with natural sugars ensures that the liver and other parts of the body can actually use them.

Finally, it is worth reiterating that in a series of books devoted to curing viral infection, ostensibly from an infallible source, vaccines are not mentioned!




What follows is an example of my effort to apply this knowledge for the benefit of a relative who has a sore throat and bulge near her thyroid (worried about thyroid cancer) and also swollen lymph nodes.

Dear Relative,

We learn that all thyroid issues stem from various strains of the EBV viruses. And we are given protocols to rid the body of this virus. Lymph nodes might swell and get bigger when they are making more immune cells, or collecting waste debris. I am guessing that you are fighting a bacterial infection too.

So how do we fix you? What does the 300,000+ year extraterrestrial science tell us that the 50-100 year-old terrestrial science can’t?


#1. Viruses and bacterial pathogens do eat; they feed. Pathogens become dormant and/or die when there is nothing to eat. (Favorite pathogen foods include mercury, other heavy metals, petroleum, pesticides, and other toxic goodies that tend to be collected in the liver. (Antibiotics have a form of petroleum in them, so antibiotics can feed the main bacterial pathogen – strep.)

#2. Fruits (w/antioxidants) are generally poisons to viruses. For example, apparently most humans have a crust of undigested fat on their intestinal wall. This barrier is caused by a damaged liver not making enough bile. An apple can help miraculously dissolve this undigested material on the intestinal wall – thereby improving health through improved digestion. Every recommended fruit has a miraculous property or three. (I just read in Liver Rescue last night that the L-lysine in potatoes kills the EBV virus that inhabits the thyroid. I hope you are taking Cardio-C daily, and that you are eating your potatoes!)

#3. Protocol for the strep, a problematic bacterium. Ancient science generally recommends against antibiotics. Instead it recommends a series of herbs (and vitamin C) to improve the immune system:

Liver Rescue wrote: …(strep) infections can usually be handled easily with natural antibacterils and antivirals such as elderberry syrup, lomatium root, zinc, goldenseal, vitamin C, and mullein-garlic ear oil.

#4 The Medical Medium supports Dr. Jerry Tennant’s contention that oxygen in the blood and cells is vital to controlling infection. Pathogens lie dormant until oxygen levels drop (i.e., until the cell becomes more acidic).

Dr. Jerry Tennant wrote:As oxygen levels continue to drop, you get infections. Each of us contain about a trillion “bugs”. They are suppressed when oxygen is present. However, as oxygen drops, the “bugs” wake up and want to have lunch—-they want to have you for lunch. Since they don’t have teeth to take a bite out of your cells, they put out digestive enzymes to dissolve your cells. As they consume your cells, you get sick.”

The most important factor in creating proper pH is increasing oxygen because no wastes or toxins can leave the body without first combining. with oxygen. The more alkaline you are, the more oxygen your fluids can hold and keep. The position of the oxygen disassociation curve (ODC) is influenced directly by pH, core body temperature and carbon dioxide pressure. According to Warburg, it is the increased amounts of carcinogens, toxicity and pollution that cause cells to be unable to uptake oxygen efficiently.

This is spelled out in the Jerry Tennant’s HEALING IS VOLTAGE books. Tennant’s keen insight is that pH and voltage are two sides of the same coin, that is, they are two ways to measure the same thing. The higher “voltage” in a cell equates to a higher pH (i.e., more alkaline) which chemistry suggests allows more oxygen to be saturated in cells and fluids. Something as simple as deep breathing (or even better, exercising) improves oxygen levels. Secret is that cells have to ALKALINE (higher pH) to accept the oxygen. Reason for the electric treatments, grounding, etc.

Sample Protocol

Here is a “wish list” of what you might try, including ELECTRICAL stimulation, for alkalinization. Note: Electrical stimulation is not one of the Medical Medium protocols.

I hope it now goes without saying that the bulk of your diet should be fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, which can always be incorporated into good tasting smoothies. Some lean protein is allowed, but not necessary. Limit salt, especially highly refined salt, which tends to collect and lump together in the liver. Eating the suggested vegetables provides the right kind of sodium..

#1 Heavy metal detox smoothies – 3 times per week. Specific ingredient not only safely detox mercury, and other heavy metals, but we are told that these smoothies can actually cure people of Alzheimer’s (The ancient science claims that serious brain diseases are caused by a combination of mercury in the brain, and fat in the blood oxidizing).

Medical Medium wrote:Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie


2 bananas
2 cups wild blueberries*
1 cup cilantro*
1 cup orange juice
1 tsp barley grass juice powder*
1 tsp spirulina*
1 small handful of Atlantic dulse*
Optional: water or coconut water or fresh orange juice to blend

*starred ingredients are required for a full detox, but they don’t have to be taken at the same time, but all should be taken within 24 hours.


In a high speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth. If a thinner consistency is desired, add up to 1 cup of water. Enjoy

#2 Start (and end) the day with 16 to 32 ounces of lemon water. Lemon water helps the liver hydrate, relax and detox. In my opinion, given the need the liver has for good clean fuel – i.e. glucose – adding some of the D-glucose (dextrose) to the lemon water might be a good idea. I don’t see how it could hurt, maybe the pancreas, but the reason for adding lemon is to turn “dead” water into “live” water. This sounds crazy, until you read Prof. Gerald Pollack’s landmark book the “Fourth Phase of Water.”

#3. Celery Juice and more Celery Juice. Did I say genetically engineered….?? Ideally, celery is freshly juiced and consumed first thing in the morning – after the lemon water. Now I have found an excellent source of fresh celery juice at a local grocery. Freshly juiced, it tastes to me exactly like it does when I juice. The only “downside” of the freshly bottled is that celery juice oxidizes, which means to me that perhaps the vitamin C is not as potent as freshly juiced. We are told that small amounts of methylated vitamin C and special complex salts are the main components. I would think that we Vitamin C Foundationers probably get enough vitamin C from other sources. The salts should be intact; the unknown “complex: salts in celery juice which are used to make both stomach acid AND bile.

#4. Every human is deficient in zinc and needs iodine. Supplement these.

#5. Reduce or eliminate fat in your diet. Then after things return to normal, keep fats to less than 15% of calories. Turns out that Dean Ornish was right about the value of a low fat diet. Fats block insulin receptors, and thus radical fats are the real cause of (Type II) diabetes. Most animal protein has a lot more fat than what is listed on the label.

#6 There are many anti-viral herbs, including Cats Claw, Lemon Balm, Lobelia?, Licorice Root, etc.. Some to improve immune, and others that Kill viruses. We maintain a list here that was compiled during out reading.

Medical Medium List of Anti-virals

Cat’s Claw
Berries (esp. Wild Blueberries)
Celery (juice)
Barley Gras Juice Powder
Lemon Balm
Licorice root
Nascent iodine
Nettle Leaf
Oregon grape root
Vitamin B12
silver hydosol
Red marine algae
star anise – antiviral spice
and last but not least: Sunlight

The MM protocol works slowly by design out of necessity. Anything that would cause the liver to dump all toxins (and viral waste products) into the bloodstream at the same time would be counter-productive and would create a severe strain on the liver.

#7. ELECTRICAL: Not recommended by the Medical Medium, per se, but as William points out, oxygen levels are key. You want your cells and bodily fluids well oxygenated. You might consider purchasing a low-cost TENS device, per the one Tony Robbin’s describes in LIFE FORCE. The oxygenation of cells is the main objective.

#8. As much Liposomal-C (e.g., PANACEA) as you can tolerate while the lymph glands and thyroid are swollen. We learn that for nutrients to be absorbed into cells, they must either be methylated (made smaller in the small intestine or in the liver via a B12 pathway ), or nutrients must be put into liposomes (“bubbled” in the liver.) This may be the unexplained reason why liposomal vitamin C is empirically miraculous against infection.


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