The Great Vaccine Hope, or Hoax?

An opinion by Owen R Fonorow
Great Grand Poobah
Vitamin C Foundation

Everyone, even the President, keeps talking about the rapid development that could lead to a vaccine for the coronavirus  COVID-19  (cold/flu virus) within a year.


Hoax. Lie. Stop.


Question:  After 70 years, why isn’t there a vaccine for the common cold?


Answer:  Small “retro” viruses, such as the common cold or HIV viruses, mutate during vaccine development. We learned the hard way from the Polio Vaccine experience, that these retro viruses mutate, rather than weaken during attempts to make vaccines.  Our bio-weapons program evolved after discovering this fact that hard way


Origins of the USA Bioweapons program.


The purpose of a vaccination is to convey an immunity against a specific pathogen.  We have learned this from the flu vaccine which is not a general flu remedy, but specific to a specific flu type, e.g., A or B, etc.


Estimates are that more than 70% of the world’s population will contract the coronavirus COVID-19 infection. Those infected who live will have developed their own immunity to the virus.  So a COVID-10 vaccine is USELESS to those who have already contracted the infection.


What about the 30% who were lucky?   We return to the problem that a vaccine for retro viruses have so far been elusive and probably impossible.


The process of trying to create a vaccine merely creates different mutations or strains, and yes, a vaccine for these new strains – might be valuable, but we have the tiny teeny weeny problem that it is impossible to create a vaccine for a bioweapon, er. retro virus.

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