Why is Owen Laughing When the Sky is Falling?


You’ll never believe what just happened to one of my oldest clients, Owen R. Fonorow, founder of the non-profit Vitamin C Foundation and CEO of a small vitamin C company who sells Non-Chinese Vitamin C?

(Sorry Owen, I mean a client I have served the longest.  But Owen expects to live for more than 200 years. And that’s a telomere story for another time.)

Three of Lisle Illinois finest just knocked on his door.

Owen has already started calling this period in our history The Great American Weight Loss Program(c) — and he copyrighted the phrase.

The Great American Weight Loss Program (c) 2020 Owen R Fonorow ALL RIGHTS RESERVED EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD.


And yes, he gave me carte blanche permission to use  the “nutty” phrase.

Back to the cops at the door, he wasn’t fully dressed. It was late, about midnight judging by the time he left the message on my phone.  (Owen has threatened to fire me, for  not answering the phone at midnight. He’s a sweet heart. I’m still employed.)

Back to the visit from the boys in blue. He thought the knocking was one of his employees (or former employees, he still doesn’t know if they still want to work for him) dropping off a key to his office.  (He is currently locked out of his own company because the “socialist” employees working there have mutinied and think they own it.)

He’s obviously a nutcase.    He has told people on this web site [] that the DOW industrial average will exceed 100,000 — before the end of Trump’s first term.


He told his long time bank, J P Morgan Chase, that he could smell a vitamin C shortage coming, placed an order for a lot of money he didn’t have – not expecting it to be filled. Oh by the way did you know that his tiny company caught the attention of the Chinese Vitamin C makes to such an extent that they hired a PR agent to improve the reputation of Chinese vitamin C.


Owen sells CHINA-FREE vitamin C – or did.

Once upon a time Owen wrote an article entitled THE TWIGHT LIGHT ZONE. He is running out of metaphors

CHASE Turned Owen Down for the Loan. True Story. I may have to make a private stock offering to fund the vitamin C, should it ever come in, on order. Maybe Mike BluGerg could grant Owen a million or so dollars? What about it Mike? Anybody else out there willing to give us money to make sure we have a supply of NON-CHINESE VITAMIN C?

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Owen even said to his employees, in a couple of MAGA/KAG Rallies, I’ll not only be on stage with Trump, but I’m not going to stop talking and will have to keep Pushing The Donald away. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. THE CURE FOR AMERICA’S NUMBER ONE KILLER HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED.


And he had, he may have told his employees that he’d have a larger social media presence that the current number one in the world – Donald Trump. You start to see why the police had to be called. This guy is crazy.

Of course he can’t keep pushing Trump away from the microphone forever, because all the people there will want to see Mr. Trump, not him. So MAGA may have to make this into the most watched free Rock Concert event the world has ever seen to placate the thousands attending and billions watching. These, what will become, world wide events, and Owen’s personal choice of music is Chicago. Yes the rock band Chicago from Chicago. Always hard to look them up (Which is why I named my company Inteligent – one LL – my son has always been embarrassed that my inability to spell is why no one believes what I am saying. I lost my credibility.

This is long, but so what. We are all going to be sitting at home. Hope my servers can take the loads. May have to torrent or spread this around the world…hmmmmmm.

Another prediction, ALL millennials who now support Bernie will not only vote for Trump, but will be clamoring to join the military. We are going to have find more uniforms. More boot camps. Americans are warriors at heart. We just hate war. These well intentioned and HONORABLE kids are following Bernie because they KNOW the institutions created by their elders are CORRUPT. Bernie did us a favor. We know a lot more about socialism, dare I say communism, than we did a few weeks ago. Once they find out that, surprise, Donald Trump is not only a man of the highest character, incorruptible even, GAME OVER.


And did I mention minute 30 of the North Carolina MAGA rally, Diamond and Silk? Hey black Americans, while enjoying TGAWP, watch these two ladies. I predict that yes, soon Shifty will be accusing Trump of orchestrating this so they could take the time to read and watch and learn the truth. The ONLY Ad the Republicans have to run is that 5 minute interview by ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK of these two during CPAC. I woke expecting to find it on OANN.COM. You guys let me down.

Wouldn’t it be nice if because of the TGAWP, people sitting at home, losing weight, the republicans don’t have to spend a single dime and will win the election UNANIMOUSLY.


Another tip. MAGA organizers have Chicago Blackhawks tenor Jim Cornelison, the guy who blows everyone away singing the National Anthem prior to every home game, at every RALLY you can. There isn’t a more inspiring rendition you’ll ever hear (And thank you Chicago Blackhawks, for including veterans, our National heros with EVERY playing of our National Anthem.)

And Mr Trump I see a guy named Rickets near you all the time. I have a favor to ask. Since most people in Chicago have Comcast, and we aren’t likely to see the Cubs this year (unless the there is no baseball season during the AGWLP ), seeing what’s coming – tell these fellows that paying for sports is well, TOO AMERICAN. Watching Chicago cubs should always be FREE!

Damn there may not be a Comcast after Trump gets through with the Fake Media. Okay I know Donald can find a way to make sure all baseball games, maybe next year, can be seen FREELY BY ALL AMERICANS. Charge overseas viewers, fine.


Damn it, I guess I am a closet socialist

Owen expects Trump will serve 5 terms. With the New-Health(c)  before us, (I think  he wants to copyright that term too to describe the New Health that will be enjoyed by all citizens of the world — as soon as the capacity of vitamin C, lysine and a few other crucial items can be ramped up supply the new world demand.)

Who in the WORLD could do something like that, say in 2 months.    I wonder.

Led by real science, such as 2-time Nobel prize winners, he expects that Trump will naturally want to beat our first democrat-socialist FDR’s record of  4 presidential terms (because FDR not only screwed the country with “creeping socialism”, FDR is the reason presidential terms are  limited to 2 terms. Didn’t know that did you?)

Trump is not going to let a little thing like a “legal” restriction on two terms stand in his way.  He will get it done.

Owen has been writing that because of the free market capitalism and the perfect implementation so far by the world’s greatest showman, the world’s greatest free market capitalist, the world’s greatest leader since Julius Caesar, and already the greatest American president of ALL TIME.

DOW will hit over 100,000

(Speaking of free markets, TRUMP is already leader of the World. What country wouldn’t want him to be their President?  If we vote him out of office, every country on earth will make him an offer.

I wish Owen’s mentor Milton Friedman was alive to see this.

He even knows Trump is saying the same things and will soon need new material so has written him a MAGA Rally script (for after the crisis passes, i.e. The Great American Weight Loss Program.. aka Marshall Law.)


The GAWLP should be temporary, there may still be some obese Americans.

Our current president will not allow looting of people who followed the governments advice and stored a couple of weeks of rations by people who didn’t listen?   Trump won’t. We all hope it doesn’t get that bad, but the US military will be deployed everywhere if necessary, and we know they will have a shoot-to-kill order, if necessary.

People who have not taken this seriously and have no food will simply lose a lot of weight, aka THE GREAT AMERICAN WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. Did I say that Owen is still selling a Weight loss product – that contains vitamin C and lysine. Maybe for after the crisis, no reason to lose weight now. You want to get fat right now.  Eat a lot of Fructose.  Trust him on this folks.

But wait there’s more.

Owen predicts that because of free market capitalism, and the works of Milton Friedman in the documentary FREE TO CHOSE (that was released on PBS, just prior the election of Ronald Reagan),  we can enjoy:

Free Universal Health Care to All American Citizens. (It’s in his book)

Reduce healthcare spending from what ever percent of GDP it is currently (12% in 2003 when he wrote the book) —  to less than 3% GDP — IN 30 DAYS  (It’s in his Amazon best selling Kindle book)

You can’t make this stuff up.

But there’s more.

He believes that this means the end of the Federal Income tax (unless they want to retain to ATTRACT PEOPLE by transforming the current perfectly legal income tax system into a Friedman-style negative income tax.)  Yes that’s right, over 70 million Americans are legally opting out of the Federal Tax system. Not paying federal income tax (Has anybody checked Bernie The Clown’s tax returns?  I know, I’m not as good as trump.)

freedom from fascism

Oh and he predicts Donald Trump will EASILY win the Nobel Peace Prize for his handling of the GREAT AMERICAN WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. And, for his work to create and sign the international treaty that completely eliminates bio-warfare  weapons from the face of the Earth.  The Planet will never be so united as when all countries sign this treaty unanimously. All because Donald Trump is our president at this moment in time. One of Many Nobel prizes for our president over the course of his five terms.

By the way, would it even be legal for Donald Trump to run, after next term, as a vice president?

This isn’t the first time Owen has faced a mental institution

Cops knocking like this has happened before to Owen,  by the way, so he already knows the paramedics are not far behind, and that  doctors  can lie to get you admitted, (e.g. Thank you very much Glenn Grobbe of the Dupage County Medical Group) and then people can tell a little fib over the phone about your medical history, and hospital officials can falsify an admission form, without fear of recrimination, and anyone and I mean anyone can be incarcerated forever in a high level medical ward.  Not Guantanamo bay. Anywhere in the USA.  And there is no way (now) to sue the doctors or hospitals under current law. If anyone can change that, guess who, and he will get it done.

This unlimited incarceration for “mental” patients, usually without a trial, is because like federal prosecutors, most of these “inmates” are intimated into signing their rights away rather than face a court .  In this case the thing Fonorow had wanted most was to get into a courtroom as quickly as possible!

All this and more will be in what I safely predict will be the  World Best Selling Amazon kindle book,  HOW I PREDICTED THE GREAT STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 2020, AND THE SUBSEQUENT TRUMP RISE.   Or maybe America Awakens: The origins of religious renaissance.

Owen assures me he is channeling something or someone. Has anyone ever heard of Anthony William, the Medical Medium?  Owen now considers that material to be ABSOLUTE TRUTH: INFORMATION YOU CAN RELY ON TO NEVER BE OVER TURNED. FROM THE WORD OF GOD.

He has posted this at his forum, scaring the hell out of his family and friends. Owen is an atheist by the way.  Or was, (his mom explained that he was really agnostic.)  If you take God out of the equation, nothing changes. We still have cancers, heart disease, sickness and health.  Well NOT ANY MORE.


Starting to see the problem here? Owen is really nuts.

So back to the visit from the Lisle Illinois boy’s in blue.  The problem last time is that he called is personal lawyer – not me.   His lawyer told him, go with them, they can’t hold you for more than 24 hours if you are competent. If  everything is okay. Have them check you out.

8 days later, incarcerated without medical supervision, as an Addison Disease patient (Owen), he was held against his will, without representation or a court visit, in a “Maximum Security” mental ward, in Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove Illinois. I will open up the forum that DOCUMENTS THIS.  There is something other than human minds creating our reality.

Did I say he is writing is third book which he predicts will be a World Best Seller?

That it will include Remote Viewing and Out-of-Body information, and that isn’t the half of it?

Any court of law would convict the fellow as  NUTS.  That’s what Trump intends to change.   Liberal Courts.

Not to mention that he has almost his entire second book on line that anyone who has a computer or phone can read for FREE.


By the way, he has a stock tip. He recommends Amazon stock, AMZN, because he expects his current Amazon book to become a world best seller. (If he makes 600 million on a book, his cut is less than 30%. who makes that rest?)


This time he got smart and only called me.

Owen says these cops were fine gentlemen and patriots, and doesn’t want anyone berating the police over this. He  told them he honored their service, but unfortunately, he had seen this movie all to often, as well as the famous DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE link video, so wasn’t saying anything.   (By the end, they were trying to get a word end edgewise, because Owen began sharing secret knowledge, secret for 50 years because the Fake Science suppressed it, that no policeman or first responded need fear death from the deadly realized of the bio-weapon.)

So long as they know the secret  (I wish Owen’s good friend Sydney Bush was still alive. He wrote the book 700 Vitamin C Secrets.)

My police blog might not be made public, however, because he mentioned to them during the “interview” that he knew, from previous experience, that HIPPA violations carry a fine of up to $2 million dollars.

By the way, Owen is offering a free jar of vitamin C (while supplies last)  to the first person who finds last night’s Lisle Illinois on-line police blotter.   “I assume they will violate my HIPPA privacy rights by routinely logging the “check up” in the police blotter.”  Owen couldn’t find it online after they left – all smiles by the way. ” Owen Just can’t stop laughing these days.

Owen never watches the news. Especially the FAKE News (but now realizes that that massive character assassination campaign by the Left worked in Trumps favor to the extent he believes that Trump may have PAID Pelosie-the-Ripper, Schumer and what’s his name Shifty? to impeach him.  Trump did that I’m sure.)

In the hospital, after he lost his left Great Toe, he was kind of forced to watch the news.  Saw all the MAGA rallies and also recognized immediately what the “ordinary” new China virus really was – a bio-weapon.

I (Tim Bolen) called him “out of the blue” because I had just learned some extraordinary news about vitamin C and the covid-19 coronavirus – the Chinese were running clinical trials of intravenous vitamin C against it!   (Thank you Dr. Malik)


Believe it or not, he sold his ENTIRE portfolio – all aggressive growth equities – no bonds, no gold, no cash, minutes before I called him. SUNDAY before the worst week (so far) of Stock losses in history. He made a killing, THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP – for the killing, not the crash. He tried to warn people, me for instance, but who would listen to such a crazy idea. The release of a bio-weapon that was created after what happened with the Salk vaccine?

This happens a lot between us, and people say there is no GOD


Did you know that no one dies of the flu – unless they are vitamin C deficient? How about that. A fellow named Donald Trump just learned that himself, after asking questions of the heads of the world’s larges pharmaceutical companies he had summoned to the oval office  (See minute 10 of the last Trump MAGA rally in North Carolina). How many people die of the flu?  If that many die, maybe 30,000 last year, why is this virus worse (At the time very few public deaths were known)?


I can just imagine trump talking to these Big Pharma CEOs, come on guys, 30,000? What’s happening, are your flu shots killing them?

In the course of this, Trump learned, what Owen Fonorow has known since he woke up in 1986, but has been hidden by Fake Science since the 1930s and early 1940s:   Vitamin C kills viruses.   

In fact, it is the only “cure” for the covid-19 corona virus.


Owen’s company may never sell a jar of vitamin C again,  but he recently said to a waiter, “Look at my face. Remember this moment. You maybe looking at the world’s first trillionaire.”  (by the way, spell check does not recognize the word trillionaire so it is fair to say Owen invented the word.)

You can see why ordinary people and “leftist-leaning” employees think he’s nuts when he tells them they are about to become Millionaires, maybe Billionaires. Think Microsoft.

Without ever having to sell another jar of vitamin C again. They are angry he had to shut down the business.  He loves them ALL by the way.

To their, and Owen’s credit, they and he could care less about the money. The pleasure of doing what the soon-to-be-jobless 400,000 cardiologist couldn’t do – saving people’s lives is enough.

Tip: Expect a GREAT jump in the unemployment numbers after the cure for heart disease can be made public.


Well, after it can be implemented. The cure requires two components that are in very short supply right now. But you know who has taken care of that like no politician in  history.

Owen says that if this pans out, HE (as the world’s wealthiest individual), will GIVE every American 3 grams of vitamin C – FOR FREE, unless Donald Trump beats him to it. The cost was something like 500 million?

Not his idea. It was the idea of another GREAT AMERICAN HERO FROM THE MANHATTAN PROJECT, who happened to live to 99 years of age when he contacted Owen. Vitamin C?


Americans Are Warriors.   We Just Hate War.

If The Donald ever reads this, I need a personal favor.  I need the age of enlistment waived for my son. I want him to be able to enlist in any branch of the military service he wants, no matter that he is close to 30.  (No tattoos by the way). Given what is about to happen, THE NEW HEALTH, eliminate the age restriction on enlistments. This should be a Republican plank. Dems are for the current law which discriminates against able body people who can serve and defend our country, no matter what their age.

Reminds me. Owen tells me to let American’s know, while they are enjoying the weight loss program instituted by Trump, but made necessary by the Fake media and Fake Science,  that the best TV show ever, ever, is The Last Kingdom on Netfilix.  When thinking of Owen’s Son, an Adonis, the most brilliant mind Owen has ever encountered, and unbeknownst to him, about to inherit a trillion dollar estate (Hey didn’t some one just eliminate the Death Tax? Whew lucky Jeff). He is so honest to a fault he would rather see Owen die than see Owen commit theft, i.e., Rob a pharmacy for the hydrocortisone he needs for Addison’s. That’s right, Owen has the same disease as the late JFK. Public never new. He is dead 2 days after his last pill of hydrocortisone. Thank you Dr. William Mck Jefferies for telling the world that there is only one essential hormone, cortisol.



When you watch the first episode of Netflix’s THE LAST KINGDOM, and of course you will, think of my son as the little Utred, second in line for the throne, after the first Utred of Utred got his head cut off by not listening to his father!


Problem with Free Vitamin C is that if its free, nobody will think the 4 grams coming in the mail  is valuable.   (Any genetic engineers out there? But I digress. Vitamin C deficiency is only in a few species.  It is a genetic defect.)

Did GOD have a part in the Great American Weight Loss Program (c), because soon EVERYONE ON THE PLANET is going to know how valuable that 3 grams really is.

Owen told me that while he made the Deans list at the United States Air Force Academy, the first year, one of the finest schools in America. He FAILED economics.  Badge of honor.  The Keynesian economics taught in that class never made sense to him. (Later during his MBA at Wyoming, while in the Strategic Air Command, he was the only one in a “Social Responsibility Class” who agreed with Nobel economist Milton Friedman whose paper was entitled, THE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESS IS TO MAKE A PROFIT. (Made sense to him, nobody else).

A great thing to mind the time during the GAWLP is to find and watch the OLD 10 part documentary FREE TO CHOSE – or read the book, or the newer 5 part edited series.   If you are already voluntarily isolating yourself, order this on Amazon.

Tip to Newsmax TV (are you listening now Allyn?) or One America News Network. Run, literally run and get the rights to the Milton Friedman show FREE TO CHOOSE. All these people sitting at home during the GAWLP. Hey thanks to China, its the GREAT WORLD WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. But I digress. Eat that High Fructose Corn Syrup and fatten up.


Another tip to what is about to become THE MOST RESPECTED MEDICAL JOURNAL IN THE WORLD – The Journal of orthomolecular Medicine. Andrew Saul are you listening? I’ll never forgive you for pointing out the SINGLE error in Practicing Medicine without a License? in your review. The TIP – publish my paper on the “3 minute entry of vitamin C into the blood stream” YESTERDAY AS THE LEAD/ONLY paper in the next emergency issue.

And guess what, know this, you can get vitamin C without supplements. No problem.  Eat fruits and vegetables. Even animals, all of which make vitamin C for themselves. One of the best sources is Celery Juice. Read my third book, or Anthony William’s 5th book.

Expect layoffs at Nutrisystem and all weight loss products – American won’t need them if the GAWLP extends to any length of time.

Expect all of the old Fake media to be gone too. More layoffs because they will not be able to cover the largest world wide events in history – Trump’s KAG rallies.

And the coup-de-grace. Owen  tells people that vitamin C can eliminate the need for vaccinations. Crazy right?


So the reason the cops were summed to Owen’s home to check his mental condition, relatives, or perhaps by his wife, thought his mental condition must be getting even worse. His darling wife’s report, “he keeps laughing.  He won’t stop that damn laughing!”

True.    Cops came to Owen’s house because he can’t stop laughing

You can’t make this stuff up.

p.s. By the way, these cops were Great Great Guys. The men and women in police uniform are magnificent. And they are about to become real heroes.


p.p.s. Anthony William if you are listening, I need a personal reading to see whether I can stop my thyroid medication -given the condition of my adrenals. I don’t want to poison my liver by taking more thyroid. Best book in your series THYROID HEALING (And yes I am taking my medicine, 16-32 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. No additives. IT IS DELICIOUS knowing it may help rebuild my adrenal function – by next Christmas!

p.p.p.s. And to Dr. Greg Seamans… I have two folks who need your oxygen therapies ASAP. Can we talk soon? At the moment, I cannot afford you. These people cannot wait for that to change.


For those who don’t know, there are other ways to kill viruses, e.g Oxygen or the Beck/SOTA electronic pulsers. Dr. beck’s original machine brought HIV viral loads over 300,000 to almost zero. Soon we will try to resurrect all those great videos of Dr. Beck. You know, Hulda Clark’s zapper, that also cured HIV/AIDS. That was why Clark was put in jail. Maybe it will work on the China virus, maybe not.


I have to repeat myself, So what was the problem that caused the police house visit. His family was getting scarred because in these times of trouble and tribulation,

he can’t stop laughing.

It really did scare his poor wife – again.

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