Chapter 9: Health Nuremberg, Vitamins Are Gene Therapy, Glucose/Ascorbate Antagonism and other Random Thoughts

Fight “Bad Genes” with Megadose Vitamins

© Owen Richard Fonorow 2005 – The Vitamin C Foundation

The Gene Blame Game

There is a new tactic in the war of ideas between traditional and innovative medicine. The latest media propaganda blames incurable chronic disease on “faulty genes,” as if there are no treatments for genetic defects. What the public isn’t being told is that megadose vitamins are often the best answer to problem genes.

Misleading Medical News

While reading the medical news, one may notice the flood of stories crediting medical science with discovering a gene responsible for various medical conditions. The subliminal message seems to be that there is nothing that can be done right now; however, modern medicine is on the case. The apparent aim of these stories is to divert the public’s attention from medical science’s inability to find cures for these various medical conditions. Unbeknownst to those behind the media hype, high-dose vitamins can compensate for bad genes, and some vitamins already are known for their ability to repair damaged DNA.

Heredity and Protein

Our genetics and the vitamins we require daily for health are closely related. Genes contain the instructions that our body needs to make us physically who we are. Vitamins help genes carry out these instructions.

Our genes create proteins (technically, genes in our DNA contain a blueprint for a protein, and the nucleic acid RNA uses the gene’s blueprint to make various proteins).

Of the 50,000 or so proteins the human body produces, the vast majority are enzymes. Enzymes control the chemical reactions within the body.

Vitamins are usually specialized molecules called co-enzymes, which regulate various enzyme reactions. Generally, co-enzymes are not destroyed during reactions with their target enzymes. Small amounts of co-enzymes are usually sufficient for health. Vitamins may affect both the rate at which proteins (enzymes) are produced, and the chemical reactions controlled by the enzymes.

During evolution, human DNA lost the blueprints for all the vitamins as the result of genetic mutations. In each case, we must eat food that contains the vitamin (or else we must supplement the vitamin) to overcome the ancient mutation. If we don’t eat each and every vitamin regularly, we will get sick and eventually die.

 B-Vitamins Repair Damaged DNA

Although it isn’t well publicized, the consumption of mega-dose vitamins has already achieved remarkable beneficial effects in numerous people with “faulty genes.”

Dr. Bruce N. Ames, a world-renowned American biochemist and geneticist at the University of California at Berkeley, claims that his investigations have already proven that more than 50 known genetic diseases can be effectively treated by high-dose vitamin therapy. Dr. Ames’ claims are based upon significant research focusing on the role vitamins play in the natural process of DNA repair.

Mega-dose vitamins not only repair faults, which appear in DNA strands with aging, but they also may compensate for heredity errors or mutations in our DNA. To understand how vitamins can accomplish this, lets first review genetics and the nucleic acids at the center of life: DNA and its cousin, RNA.

 The Wonder of DNA

Human DNA consists of 3 billion nucleotides chained together. Every cell has one DNA molecule. If one strand of human DNA were straightened, it would extend approximately 1 meter or English yard. All the DNA from all the cells in your body, if stretched, would extend past the moon and back, several thousand times!

DNA must be tightly bundled to fit within a tiny cell. These bundles, called chromosomes, have characteristic shapes when viewed under a high-powered microscope. Each chromosome is composed of thousands of smaller sub-groupings called genes that control your inherited traits.

 The Genetic Code is a Blueprint for Proteins

In addition to DNA, every cell contains RNA. The DNA and RNA molecules are called nucleic acids and they work together as partners. Simplifying greatly again, small sections of the DNA strand called ‘genes’, are usually several hundred to several thousand nucleotides long. Each gene contains the information to build different types of long, linear molecule called proteins.

If the DNA is the genetic ‘computer program’ source code, then RNA controls the program’s execution. The input to the genetic program is our diet. The output is protein.

Heredity experiments have shown that every gene controls one or more inheritance factors, such as the color of the hair or skin. The 20,000 to 25,000 “protein encoding” genes found in human DNA are estimated to make the more than 50,000 different proteins we must have to be healthy.

 The Proteins We Eat Are Not the Proteins We Use

The food we eat can be divided into three broad categories based upon its chemical make-up: carbohydrates, fats (or lipids) and proteins.

The body tissues are composed mostly of protein and the body chemistry is controlled by enzymes (which are protein). Proteins are a kind of plastic, known as a polymer, that are made up of a small number of different molecular building blocks called amino acids.

The proteins in the food we eat are not the proteins our human body requires. We eat animal and vegetable protein for its building blocks, the amino acids.  When we digest “foreign” proteins, they are destroyed during digestion. The resulting amino acids are absorbed and then reassembled in cells, according to our genetic protein-blueprints.

There are 20 different kinds of amino acids in human protein. The body can even make some of the amino acids it needs. The others our body cannot make are called essential amino acids, and they must be obtained from our food.

The color of your eyes, your sex, the size of your muscles, and the color of your hair are based on the different proteins that your different cells make, and of those proteins that were made previously in your parent’s cells.

Our heredity is our DNA blueprint for the production of thousands of different proteins directed by our unique genetic code. How we implement the blueprint is our state of health.

 Enzymes Control Body Chemistry

Many hormones are protein, meaning their chemical structure is directly encoded in DNA. These substances control and speed up countless chemical reactions in the human body, and life would be impossible without them.

Co-enzymes, unlike protein enzymes, are usually complicated particles that enhance the function of specific enzymes. Co-enzymes are required for life, and many combine proteins with lipid (fatty) components and are known as lipoproteins.  l Some inorganic trace minerals act as co-enzymes and are also required for life.

In general, the formula to produce a co-enzyme is difficult to encode in DNA. These particles are not pure protein and so the DNA must encode other enzymes that are necessary for the body to produce organic co-enzymes through a series of chemical reactions called a metabolic pathway.   This complexity increases the likelihood that a mutation will interfere with the genetic instructions.

The vitamin deficiencies were discovered and isolated in the early 20th century because deficiencies kill people. Most vitamins, but not all, are co-enzymes. During the course of evolution, if the amount of the vitamin in the diet was sufficient to ensure survival, a species could lose its ability to make it. However, genetic accidents are usually detrimental. The accident of nature does not imply that the co-enzymes in today’s food supply are adequate. Many scientists, including the late Linus Pauling and Bruce Ames, believe that more co-enzymes in the diet may lead to better health. Most vitamins are remarkable for their lack of toxicity.

Vitamin C is an unusual ‘vitamin.’ First, it is not a typical co-enzyme; instead, ascorbic acid (the technical name for vitamin C) closely resembles the simple sugar glucose. It is destroyed during the chemical reactions our body uses to make collagen.

Second, the DNA in most living beings on planet Earth still contains the blueprint for making vitamin C.

In fact, the genetic mechanisms that have been measured in most animals produce quite gram amounts of ‘vitamin’ C in the liver or the kidney. With respect to the need to ingest vitamin C as a vitamin, humans are a rare exception, not the rule.

 Why isn’t Coenzyme Q10 a vitamin?

Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is required for energy. Every cell in the body requires  CoQ10 to make the cellular fuel ( ATP) out of sugar (glucose). Yet, CoQ10 is not a vitamin because the human body still has the genetic encoding for creating this molecule, thanks to our DNA/RNA.

Our body can manufacture the vitamin-like fat-soluble CoQ10 using a complicated 17-step metabolic sequence, controlled by vitamins, co-enzymes and enzymes.

We may ask, why is coQ10 not a vitamin like many other similar co-enzymes? Why do we and all other animal species still have the very complicated DNA blueprint for CoQ10?

One reason is that our diets do not contain much CoQ10. Non-vegetarians ingest, on average, 5 to 10 mg of CoQ10 per day, vegetarians obtain even less CoQ10 in their diets. Scientists estimate that our bodies make 500 mg of CoQ10 per day. We can conclude that the amount of CoQ10 available in the ordinary diet is insufficient to meet the energy needs of our species, or any species, even meat eaters.

It should be noted that, several dietary vitamins (as co-enzymes) are also required for our bodies to make its CoQ10.

 How Can Genetic Defects be Treated or Cured with High Dose Vitamins?

Consider the dire consequences should a person not be able to make CoQ10. The ramifications of such a genetic mutation would be catastrophic. Persons unable to manufacture adequate amounts of CoQ10 would have extreme lethargy, muscle aches, inability to move their muscles, heart failure, and early death.

Such a horrible genetic fault could be easily “cured” by supplementing 500 mg of CoQ10 daily.

This is one hypothetical example of the paradigm by which orthomolecular  (nontoxic) substances, usually vitamins, can overcome the genetic flaws in the blueprints for encoding proteins and enzymes.

Perhaps the greatest known actual genetic defect in humans is our inability to make vitamin C.

Most species on earth make vitamin C in their livers and kidneys out of glucose. Four enzymes, only three of which are present in human beings, accomplish this genetic miracle. Human DNA/RNA lacks the genetic ability to create the fourth enzyme, l-Gulono-gamma-lactone oxidase (GULO). The missing enzyme performs the fourth and final step in the conversion of glucose to vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

This genetic defect was first isolated to a mutation in a specific gene in 1959 by the biochemist John J. Burns. It is estimated that this mutation occurred forty million years ago. There are only four or five species that have survived to the present day having suffered a similar mutation. The vast majority of known animal species still retain the genetic code for vitamin C.

The lack of vitamin C in humans has probably caused more suffering than all other genetic defects combined. Scientists who have studied these matters have blamed heart disease, cancer and many other chronic diseases on this single genetic defect that caused our ancestors to lose their ability to make vitamin C.

Vitamin C is now inexpensive and plentiful, thanks to the combined efforts of countless brilliant scientists, starting in the 1930s. We are indebted especially to Noble Prize winners A. Szent-Gyorgyi and Linus Pauling, along with biochemist Irwin Stone, for their crusade to make the value of high-dose vitamin C better known among the public.

Oral vitamin C intake can compensate for our genetic fault because vitamin C is not broken down in the stomach. While there is sufficient vitamin C in the ordinary diet to support life, most animals still make their own vitamin C in large amounts. Humans must supplemental vitamin C in order to achieve the same levels in the blood and tissues that are normally present in animals.

The improvement in health that can be achieved by taking vitamin C is similar to the health of animal species that make vitamin C. The best health is generally obtained by mimicking that amount the animals produce by ingesting gram amounts of vitamin C daily up to bowel tolerance.

Can every genetic fault, where life is still possible, be successfully treated in the same manner? Sadly, medical science is not investigating this question. The large pharmaceutical interests will not invest money to help determine the role of vitamins (and other low-cost substances) that cannot be patented. In fact, they try to steer researchers away from such questions.

 Gene Therapy Through Targeted Nutrition

Often, genetic mutations can be corrected by targeted nutrition. In cases where the defect interferes with the production of a required substance, such as in the case of vitamin C, the oral consumption of the substance, or its precursors, can overcome the genetic fault. Every vitamin we must consume corrects an ancient genetic mutation in our DNA.

After science identifies defective genes and the proteins they produce, it may be possible to use vitamins at much higher amounts than normally found in the diet, to help improve the speed of “faulty” reactions that are dependent on the missing enzyme. This seems to be why high amounts of vitamin B3, for example, have such profound beneficial effects on people with schizophrenia. As the vitamins help our bodies produce more (or replace) the missing proteins, health improves.

As we age, many cells die or become less productive. Dr. Ames’ works helps us to understand how the various B vitamins “repair” damage that occurs in DNA strands as we age. Ames’s research has already shown that high dose vitamin therapy can overcome 50 genetic diseases.

Someday, when genetic engineering becomes a reality and science can safely correct DNA mutations, our progeny may regain the lost ability to make vitamin C out of sugar, like most species.

Every being is a great experiment. Outside of identical twins (or clones), no two beings are exactly alike. We are different than other species because our DNA encodes different proteins, and we are different than other humans because our cells produce our proteins at different rates. The complexity in our DNA reduces to protein, its nature and how much our cells produce. Together inside each cell, our RNA molecules guide the process of manufacturing proteins using the genes that our unique DNA encodes.

The next time you read a news story blaming a faulty gene for some medical condition, what they are really saying is that there is a problem with the instructions for making a human protein; most likely an enzyme that controls some of the body chemistry. A missing enzyme is why we can’t make vitamin C. As you read such stories, ask yourself whether mega-vitamin therapy might be an effective therapy that overcomes the defective gene, and why isn’t medical science doing more to find out?


1: Genomics. 2004 Mar;83(3):482-92. Functional rescue of vitamin C synthesis deficiency in human cells using adenoviral-based expression of murine l-gulono-gamma-lactone oxidase. Ha MN, Graham FL, D’Souza CK, Muller WJ, Igdoura SA, Schellhorn HE. Department of Biology, McMaster University, Ham 


The Diabetic Double Whammy: Reversing Diabetes Type II, Glucose-Ascorbate Antagonism, and their Impact on Reversing Heart Disease

© Owen Richard Fonorow 2005

“If you are an American diabetic, your physician will never tell you that most cases of diabetes are curable. In fact, if you even mention the “cure” word around him, he will likely become upset and irrational” -Thomas Smith –


Over the years, I was often asked by Medical doctors, “If Linus Pauling was correct that a chronic vitamin C deficiency causes cardiovascular disease, why then do patients respond so well after we put them on Omega-3 fish oils?” There answer to this question was found in the writings of Mr. Thomas Smith ( Mr. Smith was a Type II diabetic who cured himself in three months.

Nutrients Enter Cells Through Cell Membranes

Thomas Smith wrote that his cure was the result of his personal independent research of the history and science of diabetes. Smith began reviewing the scientific literature after conventional medicine failed him. His investigations led him to the conclusion that man-made, highly processed trans fatty acids (e.g. hydrogenated oils) are the root cause of the most common form of diabetes. Smith cites research showing that these toxins in the diet disturb cellular membranes. Cells begin to have trouble absorbing nutrients through the altered membrane, particularly the sugar glucose, which remains in the blood. The most noticeable symptoms of this condition are elevated blood and urine sugar levels. Patients are diagnosed Non-Insulin Dependent (Type II) diabetes (Note: The disease condition is sometimes called Syndrome X. Conventional medicine claims that the cause is unknown and medical doctors do not accept Smith’s etiology).

Even more astonishing, Smith asserts that the damage to cell membrane caused by a poor diet can be repaired and the Type II  diabetic syndrome cured. He recommends eliminating all processed fats and oils. The protocol calls for supplementing high-dose Omega-3 fatty acids. As blood sugar levels begin to decline, healthful natural fats and oils are slowly added back to the diet.

Smith writes that after he adopted this protocol, his blood sugar dropped from 385 mg/dl to 85 mg/dl in 103 days. He claims that such reversals are possible in Type II diabetics because the body is continuously repairing cell membranes by using the fats and oils available in the diet. However, he says that the speed of recovery is related to the length of the illness (i.e., the number of damaged cell membranes). Some Type II diabetics may require up to one year for dramatic reductions in blood sugar.   Note: There is nothing that prevents a Type I diabetic who is not making insulin from also becoming Type II by eating the wrong kinds of fats.

Vitamin C Competes with Glucose For Insulin Pumps

Diabetics are probably not absorbing other nutrients from the blood as well. Vitamin C is structurally similar to glucose, and the vitamin has a short half-life in the blood stream.  It should concern medical professionals that vitamin C and glucose molecules share the same insulin-mediated tunneling mechanism into cells through the membrane.

In the 1970s, Emeritus Professor John T. A. Ely, University of Washington, proposed his Glucose-Ascorbate Antagonism (GAA) theory that predicts high glucose levels hinder vitamin C entry into cells. Animals that make their own vitamin C use dietary glucose as the raw material, and the ascorbate and glucose molecules are similar. The similarity extends past molecular structure to the way they are attracted to and enter cells. Both molecules require help from the pancreatic hormone insulin before they can penetrate cell membranes using special “pumps.” The name for the process that propels glucose and Vitamin C (the reduced form) through cell membranes is Insulin-mediated uptake.

Ely studied the insulin-mediated uptake of glucose and vitamin C using white blood cells. White blood cells have more insulin pumps and they may contain 20 times the amount of vitamin C as ordinary cells. Dr. Ely explains that both glucose and vitamin C molecules compete, but all things are not equal. The evolutionary “fight-or-flight” response favors glucose entry into cells at the expense of vitamin C. Because of this antagonism between sugar and Vitamin C, Ely recommends a low-carbohydrate, low-processed sugar diet.

Professor Ely told this author that he had advised Linus Pauling of the GAA theory and its prediction that Vitamin C would be less effective fighting colds in those who did not restrict their sugar intake. Recently, Ely and associates conducted a study on the common cold to test the GAA theory. Sugar and refined carbohydrates were restricted in the subjects. According to Dr. Ely, the remarkable (although never published) results showed an overwhelming preventive and curative property of vitamin C against the common cold in subjects with reduced sugar intake. (Presumably these subjects did not suffer the cellular membrane malfunction commonly diagnosed as Diabetes Type II).

The Diabetic Double Whammy

Combining these ideas, we postulate that cells that can’t absorb glucose are not absorbing vitamin C either. As blood glucose levels rise, the GAA theory predicts that vitamin C uptake is greatly diminished throughout the body, even in cells with undamaged insulin pumps. Our conjecture is that the serious health consequences of prolonged diabetes, e.g. blindness, wounds that won’t heal, limb amputation, etc., are exacerbated by the lack of vitamin C inside cells.

We may now more intelligently answer the question as to why heart patients do well on high-dose Omega-3 oil supplementation. Healthful omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in flax seed and fish oils, promote healthy cell membranes; allowing more nutrients to pass into cells. Theoretically, there would be more benefit from Omega-3 supplementation after the primary cause of membrane damage, e.g., trans fatty acids, are eliminated from the diet. As cell membranes become permeable, sugar molecules leave the blood stream lowering blood sugar, making vitamin C more bio-available. Finally, we postulate that the cellular membrane problem hindering the uptake of glucose in diabetics also hinders their cells from obtaining vitamin C.

Heart patients whose condition improves on Omega-3 oils will improve even more as they eliminate processed foods, and follow Linus Pauling’s recommendation to increase their vitamin C dosage to individual bowel tolerance.



Crimes Against Humanity and The Secret Book: The Existence of Hidden Medical Knowledge is Revealed

© Owen Richard Fonorow

It keeps getting more and more curious…

Generally, health information that is repeated in the mainstream media is wrong. Journalists tell us that their stories are based upon reliable sources such as medical journals. Medical journal editors credit “peer reviewed” science for their articles.

If the journalists are right, it is medical “science” that is wrong. But why? The scientific method is designed to minimize the chance of errors. Researchers are expected to challenge errors in the research of others. Yet, medical research always seems to be on the wrong path. Sun exposure is bad; no, good; causes cancer, prevents cancer. Table salt is bad; no, good for heart disease. Fat is bad; no, good. Saturated fat is bad; no good. Carbs are good; no, bad. Aspirin is bad; no, good; not so good. Antioxidant vitamins are good; no, they cause cancer. High cholesterol is dangerous. Low cholesterol is dangerous. The food pyramid is turned up side down. Common drugs are safe; no, dangerous. We get sufficient vitamins and minerals in our food, etc.

Something strange has happened to a branch of science. Medical researchers are highly intelligent, yet in recent times, not one has discovered a cure for a single chronic disease. How can a veritable army of well-trained, bright scientists always be on the road to failure? Statistically, the findings of medical science, according to media reports, are incorrect far too often for these failures to be accidental.

Is confusion in medicine just coincidence? The failure of medical research to find cures, according to Marcia Angell, a former Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, has generated enormous profits for drug companies. Angell states “The most startling fact about 2002 is that the combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 business put together ($33.7 billion). When I say this is a profitable industry, I man really profitable. It is difficult to conceive of how awash in money big pharma is.”

It is a sad fact that the richest corporations on the planet profit more by treating, rather than curing, chronic disease. This perverse economic effect can be compared to automobile repair shops that benefit only when cars break down. An unethical medical doctor can earn more by a botched treatment. Harmful prescription drugs create business for hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies.


The author infers that medical research is being deliberately sabotaged. The question is, how could this be accomplished? Let’s assume that there are people hired and trained by the pharmaceutical companies to protect pharmaceutical markets. These people would be the external force deliberately misdirecting medical research. But how would these gatekeepers know what to debunk? Which scientific work to reward, and which avenues to misdirect or attack?

Some of the more obvious propaganda does not require special knowledge. The general rule would be to debunk nutrients not able to be patented at every opportunity, while extolling the virtues of “modern” prescription medications. This media barrage might affect the efforts of some researchers, but not every one. How can all medical research always be misdirected from the truth all the time? What leads every researcher pursuing their life’s work astray?

There can only be one answer. For medicine to always be wrong, the existence of people who know all the right answers is revealed.


The failure to discover cures for disease has resulted in massive earnings for both medicine and the pharmaceutical companies. The only explanation for the failure of medical research, other than synthetic drugs manufactured under patent protection, is that the pharmaceutical companies have hidden knowledge that is provided to those willing to use it on their behalf. This hidden knowledge is used to poison medical research, medical thinking, medical training, and public opinion. Human beings are deliberately steering entire branches of medical research in wrong directions. These people are willing to use their mainstream media access to ridicule, suppress, or to simply ignore any research that might accidentally reveal the cause, and thus a cure, for a chronic disease.

As proof, consider a world where such knowledge does not exist. In this hypothetical world, nothing prevents some medical researcher from stumbling down the correct path. This hypothetical researcher would not be stopped. He would not be blacklisted, labeled a quack, or worse. His funding would not be cut off. A chronic disease might accidentally be cured. Pharmaceutical companies would stand to lose billions. This never happens. What other explanation can there be?


The hunt begins for the secret book of hidden medical knowledge and the “human beings” who maintain it. Its existence is the simplest answer to the question why medical research never finds the causes, thus the cures, for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis or any other chronic disease.

They have been found, and then hidden.

We know that any book containing knowledge of the exact nature of many diseases and how to control them contains too much information to commit to memory. And it must be updated with new knowledge. Therefore the secret book must be kept up-to-date and maintained.

Its existence must be kept a tightly guarded secret. If such a book found its way in to medical schools, it would jeopardize billions in profits.

For the book to be useful, its knowledge must provide its owners with enough information to steer medical science down wrong paths on a regular basis. And, the right people must be able to easily access the information in the secure book. Medical researchers must be kept on a tight leash, and led away from every avenue of research that might lead to a right answer.

For example, the Gatekeepers know that low-grade scurvy is the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease. Any researcher with the audacity to propose research around such an “outrageous” idea, that the lack of vitamin C causes heart disease, must be ignored or labeled a quack, depending on the situation. Researchers are ridiculed only after their ideas begin to take root. Funding is cut off. Every skeleton in his FBI file revealed publicly.


What could be more horrible than knowing cures for diseases, and hiding them? What should the penalty be for the participants in this conspiracy? It probably isn’t illegal to hide or deliberately distort knowledge about cures for diseases.

A conspiracy to keep health promoting scientific knowledge from the public would be the most heinous in history. Consumer advocate Tim Bolen ( tells us that “We are heading to a Health Nuremberg.” A worldwide public trial of the people in medicine and the pharmaceutical industry committing acts against humanity.

Exposing the secrets in the hidden book of true medical knowledge will make that day come sooner, rather than later. The secret book becomes strong evidence against those who hide and use this knowledge. Therefore, a high-priority goal of the health freedom movement must be to find, expose, and publish the secret book of hidden medical knowledge.


Perhaps the pharmaceutical industry has been stupid enough to keep this book on a computer? A “Merck” manual describing the causes, and the cures, for chronic diseases. This information may be a complete description of what each nutrient actually does in the body, how much is really needed for optimal health, and what diseases are caused by restricting these nutrients.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism in our Children?

Despite the growing evidence that vaccinations in total, or in part, cause the epidemic of autism among America’s children; the public still buys the party line, and most Americans who get their news from regular media outlets aren’t convinced. This is so, even though whistle-blowing scientists employed at the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) have, according to their own data, stated that vaccines cause autism.

Over the years, the Vitamin C Foundation has periodically delved into this question. While this author personally doesn’t like to think about children being deliberately harmed by an orchestrated campaign to keep truthful information from the American public, it should be undeniable in the year 2017 that Big-Pharma-controlled-FDA policies are decimating children, especially children in California because of the recent mandatory vaccination law enacted there.

Here are a few high points from The Vitamin C Foundation’s forum discussions.

In the author’s opinion, there is no doubt that a long series of vaccinations, especially, certain ones like MMR, has led to the increased incidence of Autism and mental disability; which is now estimated at 1 in 6. Long ago, when I was a child there were far fewer vaccinations and the rate of autism spectrum disorder was less then 1 child in 100. According to Drs. Hal Huggins and Thomas E Levy in their co-authored book UNIFORMED CONSENT, the rate of autism increased in the mid 1970s as the formula for mercury amalgams was changed; making fillings more toxic. Today the numbers are staggering at 1 in 68 according to the CDC (up from 1 in 150 in the year 2000 ( The risk is especially large for an expecting mother with mercury amalgam fillings who has a flu-shot during her pregnancy (as flu-shots still contain mercury), and who isn’t told how important it is to supplement vitamin C!

A foreign enemy couldn’t be doing much more to harm America.

Why do I believe that mercury causes autism (and Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurologic disorders), other than government scientists admitting that it is true?

A few years ago, a local mercury-free dentist Diane Meyer, DDS hosted a “Mercury Seminar” in Naperville, Illinois. The seminar speakers included some “big names” in the anti-mercury movement, including Hal Huggins, Boyd Halley, Mayer Esienstein, and more. (Note: Dr. Meyers no longer practices dentistry. The state of Illinois took away her license). The seminar was filmed by at least 2 separate film crews, but these films have never been released.

A top priority for the Vitamin C Foundation is to locate and publish those Seminar lectures on video, especially the lecture by Mayer Eisenstein, MD. Dr. Eisenstein was a pediatrician trained at the University of Illinois. In his lecture at the seminar he explained why no child was vaccinated in his Skokie, Illinois “Home First” practice. There was not one case of autism in his practice of 30,000 children. In Illinois, the good doctor simply wrote a “doctor’s note” to the school district, which parents used to excuse their children from the shots. Unfortunately, the good doctor Eisenstein is no longer with us, one of the 60 dead prominent alternative doctors who have died since early 2015.

So, how did he keep is children well without vaccinations? Think vitamins D, C etc..

Eisenstein said that his University of Illinois medical school professor Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, who served in the U. S. Public Health Department, mentored him. Dr. Mendelsohn was a scholar and studied the vaccine data. Surprisingly, Mendelsohn’s careful research found that there was no public health benefit with regard to infectious disease from vaccinations, as so often claimed. The data did not support this assumption.

Soon after taking that stance, Dr. Mendelsohn was “nudged” out of government and went back to teaching at the medical school in Illinois. Dr. Mendelsohn was not alone. Other scholars have also determined that there is no correlation between vaccinations and the incidence of infectious diseases. Their data suggests that better public health conditions, e.g. improved sewage and sanity systems, were correlated. Dr. Suzanne Humphries has co-authored a book  documenting this data.

Dr. Esienstein became convinced that a) there is no public health or other benefit to vaccinations, which lead him to recommend against them, and b) the result was not one case of autism in his practice.

This may not proof, but a good start. We wondered if there is another group in America that isn’t routinely vaccinated, and if so, might we find the number of diagnosed cases of autism for that group. It turned out that in one large Amish community, there were almost no vaccinations, and only one child was autistic; and that child had been vaccinated!

And now we find that the CDC knew this. After the CDC whistle-blower came forward, parents of autistic children camped out at the Congressman’s office in his district, asking the Congressman to at least hold hearings, as that would have generated publicity. So far, no hearings have been held.

Think of the liability … Vaccines… Mercury in our teeth… Dr. Marik’s Vitamin C Sepsis discovery. The Cure for Heart Disease that nobody’s ever heard of…


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